OET Review Tips: How to Ace the Speaking Sub-Test

Many Occupational English Test examinees believe that the speaking sub-test is the most challenging part of the high-stakes exam—and they have a point. It doesn’t just assess your speaking skills. The OET speaking test measures your ability to internalize information and use it appropriately in the given workplace situation. Boost your chances of OET success. [...]

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Why Choose JRooz OET Review?

With the launching of the Occupational English Test (OET) as an alternative test option for healthcare professionals, JRooz OET Review Center was established to cater to Filipino nurses who want to pursue their career overseas. What is OET? OET is a new occupational language test that is designed specifically for healthcare professionals. The Nursing and [...]

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OET Exam Preparation Tips: Reading Sub-Test

Making the most out of your OET exam preparation is vital to achieving test success. And, one of the sure-fire ways to maximize your training period is by setting aside ample time for each of the four OET sub-tests. Read on to get useful tips to enhance your studies for the OET reading sub-test. [...]

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