5 Commonly Confused Medical Terms You Need to Get Right

Gearing up for the OET exam? Don’t forget to expand and refine your medical vocabulary. OET Preparation Course Hack: Why You Need to Get Everything Right Medical terms and expressions are tricky. There are words that seem interchangeable and words that sound alike. And, while you can get away with mispronouncing, misspelling, or misusing a [...]

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English 101: Learning About Coordinating Conjunctions

Writing a profession-specific letter, usually a referral letter, is the task given in OET writing sub-test. For medical professionals who are reviewing for the OET writing test, it is essential to look for helpful study tips that can help enhance their letter-writing skills. Enrolling in an OET preparation course program is beneficial for test takers [...]

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OET Classes Tips: 12 Idioms About Health

Supercharge your OET review course! Don’t confine your healthcare vocabulary to textbook terminology. Elevate your test performance by integrating the following idiomatic expressions to your speech and writings. OET Classes Tips: Idioms about symptoms and conditions. These are the expressions that you can use to describe someone who looks or feels sick. Some of these [...]

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OET Study Tips: Benefits of Playing Crossword Puzzle

Preparing for an Occupational English test requires determination and hard work. As an OET test taker, you must look for different learning strategies that can help develop your language skills. Enrolling in an OET preparation course is essential, especially for healthcare professionals who want to pursue their career abroad. Aside from that, you can also [...]

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