Writing Transcriptions in OET: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Medical transcription refers to the manual processing of healthcare-centered audio recordings into text format. Although it is not a task in the exam, it would still pay to hone your transcription skills alongside your sessions for OET review in Makati. Transcription in the OET Exam Excellent transcription skills can help you score high in the [...]

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OET Test-taking Strategies for the Speaking Sub-test

OET Speaking Sub-test As one of the challenging components of the Occupational English Test, the Speaking Sub-test consists of two role-play tasks and takes around 20 minutes to complete. The role-plays are based on a typical workplace situation. For each role-play, you will play a professional role (a nurse, a pharmacist, or a dentist) while [...]

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The OET Taker’s Guide to Beating Study Slumps

It’s normal to experience study slumps when you’re preparing for OET. The stakes are high, and you’re hard-pressed to maximize your limited preparation period. You’re bound to push yourself beyond your limits at some point—be it to extend a study session or to attend an intensive training session at the JRooz OET review in Manila [...]

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Dos and Don’ts in the OET Listening Sub-Test Part A

The OET listening sub-test has three parts: Part A – Consultation Extracts; Part B – Short Workplace Extracts; and Part C – Presentation. This article focuses on the first one. Part A tests your ability to determine specific information during a medical consultation. It involves listening to two audio recordings between a healthcare professional and [...]

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3 Simple Tips for the OET Reading Sub-test – Part C

OET Reading Sub-test – Part C The OET Reading Part C consists of two long texts (800 words each) that are taken from general healthcare-related journals and websites. Each text contains eight multiple-choice questions with four answer options. Your task is to read each text and to answer the multiple-choice questions. This reading task measures [...]

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3 Simple Tips for the OET Reading Part B

OET Reading Sub-test Part B In the OET Reading Part B, you will be given six short texts (100–150 words) sourced from a healthcare workplace. The texts might consist of extracts from policy documents, hospital manuals and guidelines or internal communications such as emails or memos. For each text, you will answer one multiple-choice question. [...]

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Brilliant Note-Taking Tips for Occupational English Test Students

Are you preparing for the Occupational English Test (OET) with a review course? If so, supercharge your classes with on-point note-taking techniques. Consider the following tips. 1. Highlight key information. There are many ways to make important annotations stand out. You can: • Use a highlighter. • Encase them in a freeform or geometric shape. • Encircle or [...]

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OET Test-Taking Strategies for Listening Part A: Consultation Extracts

OET Listening Sub-test Part A: Consultation Extracts Consultation extracts task is the first part of the OET Listening Sub-test. In this listening task, you will listen to two recorded consultations between a healthcare professional and a patient. Your task is to complete a health professional’s notes using the information you hear from the recording. The [...]

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