Five Practical Tips for OET Listening Part B: Short Workplace Extracts

OET Listening Part B: Short Workplace Extracts

For this listening task, you will listen to six audio clips (e.g., team briefings, handovers, or medical professional–patient dialogues) and you will answer one multiple-choice question for each audio clip. This listening task measures your ability to determine main ideas, arguments, and supporting details from the short workplace extracts.

If you’re a student enrolled in an OET review center, it is beneficial to find various test-taking tips that can help enhance your learning abilities and ace the listening test. For instance, check out these practical exam tips that you can use during the OET Listening Part B.

Five Practical Tips for OET Listening Part B

Do you want to ace the OET Listening Part B: Short Workplace Extracts? Read and follow these five practical test-taking strategies:

1. Detect signposts

Signposts are words or phrases used by lecturers and public speakers to connect ideas, highlight an opinion, and conclude a speech or an argument. As you listen to each audio clip, notice the signposts used by the healthcare personnel as it helps you understand the overall idea of the dialogue. Below are some examples of signposts:

As a side note…
Let me elaborate on that…
In other words…

2. Apply a note-taking technique

As you listen to the audio recordings, use a note-taking technique to list down all the critical points, signposts and supporting details of the dialogue. Your review classes in OET Davao is the best place to find the perfect note-taking method that you can use in the listening test.

3. Examine the questions

Read the multiple-choice questions and underline all the keywords or key phrases. Doing these enables you to determine the main idea of each multiple-choice question. Examine the choices and eliminate an option that is obviously incorrect. During your review classes in an OET review center, practice answering multiple-choice questions.

4. Use your time wisely

Managing your time is vital in acing this listening task. To guide you on how to maximize your time, read and follow these OET Davao tips:

Spend at least one minute answering each multiple-choice question.
Spend at least two minutes organizing your notes.
If you still can’t figure out the answer, make an educated guess.

5. Review your answers

If you still have time, review your answers and sniff out anything that you might have missed. Check if you have answered all the multiple-choice questions. Go back to questions you have doubts with and see if you can answer them more confidently the second time.

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