The JROOZ Online Interactive program delivers an optimized learning environment
right from the comforts of home

A program that recreates the classroom OET setup exactly as it is in online delivery.

Program Benefits

Grab the full benefits of program flexibility

Live Lectures

Interactivity is the key to learning, as learners and trainers are able to freely exchange concepts and ideas, including and environment of liberal error-setting and calibration, uninhibited questioning, critical-thinking, investigative probity, and the like. With a limited class size of only 6 students, interactivity is herein able to fully exploit the advantages of this unimpeded flow of spontaneous, stimulating information exchange to and fro.

One-on-one Coaching

Individualized, customized, specially-tailored, intensive. One-on-one coaching follows the interactive live lectures, thereby furthering one's learning curve more expeditiously. The speedier the learner arrives at one's full potential, the sooner one's dreams come to pass.

Endorsement Policy

JROOZ places supreme faith in its programs and instructor pool that it liberally adopts the famed Endorsement Policy - one of the company's hallmark offerings. If any of the program's formally endorsed students somehow is unable to attain one's targets, the company agrees to provide added refresher courses absolutely free of any added cost. Realizing that test pressure does factor into one's chances of success and failure, the endorsement policy is a noteworthy endowment for students who deserve a second chance.

Program Outcome

As enshrined in the company's Mission and Vision statement, the JROOZ Review Center mission is to be a shining beacon, lighting the way for its students to realize their full potential in hurdling their respective examinations, en route to fulfilling their cherished educational and career dreams abroad.

This therefore is the pledged program outcome. Using the company's depth of knowledge, borne by years of experience, thereby continuing the creation of top ranked curricula, backed by concrete internal research, delivered by highly-skilled teaching specialists, in the most conducive learning environments, the company thereby commits itself to be the bridge to your most valued life ambitions.

Enrollment Procedures

1. Enrollment

All interested parties will be asked to register their personal information in a website, the link of which will be provided by Marketing administrators.

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2. Payment Confirmation

Upon completion of all registration procedures, applicants will now be proceeding to payment, where the myriad payment options, and modes of payment, will be presented for the applicant to choose from. Paid applicants will then be asked to submit proof of payment, whereupon the process proceeds to activation.

3. Account Activation

With payment having been verified, applicant data will now be forwarded for activation. Account activation will render effective either on the applicants preferred batch activation date, or upon designation of batch number by the Online Team.

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