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With 17 years of experience in teaching IELTS, PTEA, and TOEFL with an addition of the successful launch of the OET Classroom Review Program comes with another program of JRooz, the JRooz OET Online Review Program. This program is developed to assure the students to be able to meet the OET scores they need as one of the requirements for overseas application required by some organizations such as the NMC, and the AHPRA for countries like the UK, Australia, and the New Zealand. The online sessions will consists of both lectures and mock tests as well to have an idea regarding the contents of an actual OET exam.


The JRooz OET Review Program has been specially designed to cater to nurses with different employed or non-employed statuses. The program will be offering Focused Learning with a 1:1 teacher – student ratio so that the students will be able to have maximum attention in learning and for the learners to be able to voice out more of their concerns regarding the lessons. Aside from that, the online program also offers a convenient way of learning where the students will be able to attend their classes anytime and anywhere they want, using either a desktop, or a laptop. Moreover, the OET Online Review Program will be conducted by OET Instructors who are Medically – inclined professionals who have clinical experience, and undergone  an intensive training to give an accurate teaching of the examination, designation of instructions, and empathy with the students. Aside from the aforementioned advantages, the OET online program will apply the JRooz’ ENDORSEMENT POLICY that will be based on the performances of the students in their mock tests to be able ensure the readiness of the students in taking the OET Examination.


An evaluation of the program is also to be made in order to know the effectiveness of the said program. For this, regardless of the package a student enrolled in, the student should be able to have full knowledge of the process of the OET examination as well as the format of the examination. Aside from that, the students should be able to hone their skills that will be evident by having a grade of B in all subtests. The set SMART objectives will


For the program to be effective, the following conditions should be met: Since the proposed schedule is from 8am up to 5pm every weekday, there should be at least one OET instructors for the sessions. Should there be any changes in the schedule in relation with the number of enrollees, the slots will be extended until 09:00pm and an additional instructor will be needed. These teachers will need to undergo a 1 month intensive training prior to the launching of the program to be able to meet the standards of an OET instructor. Aside from that, additional personal computer is needed to be able to save necessary files related to the OET Online Review Program and for the instructors to use in conducting classes.


The JRooz OET Review has different schedules for a student to choose from. Regardless, the online program will have a 30-minute session slot via Skype starting for each student with OET lecture for the first 2 weeks. After which, the student will enter the class followed by OET coaching, the length of which is dependent on what module is preferred by the student. Furthermore, Student Assessment will also be applied after the first half of the package. These are as follows:

30 minute sessionYESYESYES
Days per weeksTwiceTwiceTwice
Number of days906030
Practice TestsYESYESYES
Speaking MockYESYESYES
Student AssessmentYESYESYES
Price (Php)8,0006,0006,500

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