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Trusted OET Review Center

As an established provider of English language learning programs, JRooz OET Review Center offers an intensive training that aims to equip nurses practitioners with English proficiency and competence. Its training curriculum is geared toward developing test-takers’ communication skills necessary in a healthcare environment.

Comprehensive OET Training

JRooz’s Occupational English Test course includes practical tests designed based on real-life occupational tasks and healthcare scenarios to help students acclimate to the demands of the exam. The review module is divided into four subparts, each focused on improving the core communication skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The program includes an in-depth discussion of each exam component and a set of on-point test emulations. We utilize only the best and most up-to-date review materials to evaluate students’ linguistic level accurately.

Professional English Instructors

JRooz Review Center for OET is composed of top-caliber instructors with relevant medical and nursing background to back up their OET training certification. They are established English and Nursing majors who have proven competence and dedication in teaching their students. They undergo continuous training to improve their teaching skills and offer students quality review program. Our OET course instructors guide students to the best of their ability, providing comprehensive lectures and tried-and-tested exam strategies. They also tackle the critical points of the exam, test format, and other essential guidelines to make sure that students are OET-ready.

Student-Centered Learning Environment

JRooz OET Review Center upholds that learning is not “one size fits all.” Our OET classes are designed considering various factors that affect students’ concentration and learning drive. Our classes only cater to a maximum of 20 students per session to make sure that each student’s communicative ability is widely developed. Furthermore, we create new teaching techniques and methods to improve students’ learning experience and make them highly involved in the learning process. We make sure that students master the different levels of the English language that they will need when applying for work and professional registration abroad.

Flexible and Convenient OET Review Schedule

JRooz Review Center for OET prioritizes students’ convenience. Training schedules are designed to accommodate students at their most convenient time. Our OET Plus Review is a 10-day intensive review program that runs for six hours per day. We also have review centers across the country — Makati, Manila, Quezon CityDavao, Cebu, and Baguio — to give every student an opportunity to pursue their career goals.

Quality and Affordable Review

JRooz OET Review Center believes that quality and affordable education is everybody’s birthright. Our review programs are tailored made based on students’ specific learning needs. From review materials, lecture classes, training facilities, to mock exams, and OET instructors, we make sure that students get only the best.

Become more confident with your English communication skills. Enroll now at JRooz OET Review Center!