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Success doesn’t come by chance. Let us help you achieve your band score goals.


Prepare with the BEST OET Review Center in the Philippines!

Are you taking the Occupational English Test to jumpstart your healthcare career?

Whether you are you taking the OET exam to study medicine or continue your nursing career abroad, JRooz OET Review Center can help you secure OET success! As the top OET training center in the Philippines, we will help you master the English language to pass the high-stakes exam and pursue your plans abroad.

JRooz OET Review Center stands apart

JRooz Review Center never settles for anything less than the best. Our OET exam preparation courses are designed to hone linguistic skills in both social and medical contexts. We use up-to-date OET materials and mock exams and provide comprehensive lectures that cover the test essentials and more. Our top-caliber instructors have relevant medical and nursing background in addition to their OET training certification, making them your best chance to achieving exam success. They go over and beyond their duties and unlike in majority of review centers offering only lectures, they provide personal coaching to our students, ensuring that the needs of each students are met. The quality of our services is recognized by international language organizations like the IDP and the British Council.


Trust our instructors

JRooz OET Review Center is run by top-caliber instructors, capable and ready to help.

  • ✓ They are dedicated to providing quality education to their students.
  • ✓ They are updated with the latest developments about the OET exam to ensure the quality and timeliness of their lectures.
  • ✓ They are updated with the current trends in the Occupation English test for nurses and other healthcare industries.
  • ✓ They are accurate assessors of their student’s English proficiency level.
  • ✓ They are graduates from top schools and universities in the country.
  • ✓ They offer personal coaching to students.
  • ✓ They have undergone training from the OET makers themselves.

Secure our services

Our OET review programs are designed to help nurses reach their full potential as English communicators. To enable our instructors to cater to all their students sufficiently, our classes accommodate a limited number of students.


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