10 OET Review Makati Tips for Reading Sub-test Part A

Most students enrolled in OET review Makati find the Reading Sub-test Part A as one of the most puzzling parts of the Occupational English Test. As an OET test taker, it is very important to seek simple yet effective test-taking tips and strategies that can help boost your reading skills and ace the exam. To guide you on how to handle this reading test, here are ten amazing tips for the OET Reading Sub-test Part A.

1. Read the instructions

Before you start the test, the most important thing that you need to do is to read the instructions carefully. The instructions will guide on where to place your answers in the booklet provided by your examiner.

2. Know the different question types

The OET Reading Part A consists of the following question types:

• Sentence completion – Your task is to fill in the gaps of a summarized text.

• Matching questions – Your goal is to match the list of numbered items about a medical-related short text to a set of questions.

• Short-answer questions – You need to answer medical-related questions with a word or short phrase.

3. Skim the text

Skimming plays a critical role in the OET Reading Part A. This enables you to analyze and understand the texts quickly. To do this effectively, look for critical points like headings, dates, medical terms, and even bold and italicize words in the text.

4. Apply a note-taking strategy

As you skim the text, list down all the critical points that you will find in a piece of paper provided by your test examiner. Use a note-taking technique to organize your notes properly. During your classes in an OET Makati review center, look for the best note-taking tips that you can use during the test.

5. Manage your time

Time management is also vital in the OET Reading Part A. Since you only have 15 minutes to answer 20 questions, it is practical to spend at least 30 seconds answering each question. Use the remaining 5 minutes skimming the text, listing down critical points, and analyzing the questions.

6. Be aware of some tricky questions

Keep in mind that there are some questions that use a different medical term or phrase from the text. Read the questions carefully before you answer them. Using your wide medical vocabulary will help you overcome these tricky questions.

7. Look for the easiest questions

As you examine each question, it is practical to look for some questions that you already know the answers to. Doing this gives you more time to answer all the tricky questions in the test.

8. Check the spelling

Spelling also plays an important role when answering the questions in the OET Reading Part A. Remember that both American and British spelling variations are accepted (e.g. foetus and fetus are both accepted.)

9. Don’t use abbreviations

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to use abbreviations in your answers. Unless an abbreviation appears in the text, it is not accepted in the OET Reading Sub-test Part A.

10. Review your answers

If you still have time, review your work to check if you have answered all the questions appropriately. Change your answers if necessary.

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