3 Simple Tips for the OET Reading Sub-test – Part C

OET Reading Sub-test – Part C

The OET Reading Part C consists of two long texts (800 words each) that are taken from general healthcare-related journals and websites. Each text contains eight multiple-choice questions with four answer options. Your task is to read each text and to answer the multiple-choice questions. This reading task measures your ability to understand the explicit and implied meaning, as well as the attitude and opinion presented in the texts.

3 Simple Tips for OET Reading Part C

As a student enrolled in an OET review center, it is practical to look for various test-taking tips and strategies that can help boost your OET preparation and ace the Reading Sub-test. To help you achieve this, below are three simple tips on how to ace the OET Reading Sub-test – Part C:

Simple Tip #1: Analyze the questions 

When analyzing the multiple-choice questions, consider the following:

• Look for crucial points such as medical terms, keywords and key phrases to understand the overall gist of the questions.

• List down all the critical points that you have found in each multiple-choice question. Use the paper provided by the OET examiner to organize your notes.

• Examine the four answer options. Eliminate answers that are obviously incorrect.

Simple Tip #2: Skim the texts

For test takers enrolled in an OET review in Cebu, skimming plays an important role in the OET Reading Part C. When skimming each text, focus only on the essential points such as headings and subheadings, bold and italicize words and phrases, and medical terms. Write down all the vital information that you have found in each text.

Simple Tip #3: Manage your time

Time management is also an essential factor in acing the OET Reading Part C. To guide you on how to manage your time in this reading task, read and follow these practical time management tips:

• Focus on the easiest questions first.

• Don’t spend too much time answering challenging questions.

• Use your notes as your guide when answering each question.

• Keep in mind that the order of information from the texts is the same as the order of the questions.

• If you still can’t figure out the answer, use the process of elimination.

• Don’t forget to check your answers before you proceed to the next part of the Occupational English Test.

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