3 Simple Tricks to Ace the OET Speaking Sub-test

About the OET Speaking Sub-test

As one of the components of the Occupational English Test, the speaking sub-test consists of two role plays and takes around 20 minutes. In each role play, a test taker plays a professional role while the interlocutor plays as a patient, client, or a patient’s relative or carer. The role plays are based on a typical workplace situation, and the interlocutor follows a script during the speaking exam. Test takers will also receive a role play card containing information about the scenario of each role play.

Since the speaking test is a face-to-face conversation with an interlocutor, most OET test takers are struggling to express their responses properly. To help you overcome this, check out these three simple tricks to ace the OET speaking test:

Simple Trick #1: Initiate the conversation

If you are a test taker enrolled in OET online review package, it is essential to understand that each role play is a workplace simulation. It means that you must take charge of the conversation. Check the role play card to determine whether you already know the patient or it is the first time you are meeting the patient. Use this information to construct your opening statement.

•  If you know the patient, begin your statement using this phrase: “Ms. XXX, it’s nice to see you again.”

•  If you don’t know the patient, use this phrase to initiate the conversation: “Hello, my name is Dr. Steven. What’s your name?”

Then begin the consultation. Don’t forget to follow the tasks on the role play card. The card is constructed in such a way that if a test taker follows the tasks, the conversation will follow a logical path.

Simple Trick #2: Maintain the conversation

Maintaining the conversation is the most difficult part of the speaking test. Once the conversation dries up, it will affect your overall OET speaking score. For students enrolled in an OET online review package, below are two simple tips on how to maintain the conversation during the speaking test:

•  Learn how to ask open-ended questions. These questions require longer responses and are not answerable by “yes” or “no.”

•  Engage the patient in a meaningful conversation. Don’t just ask questions; listen to the responses of the patient so you will know when to follow up any questions.

For test takers enrolled in OET online packages, it is also not a good idea to skip any tasks or to do them randomly. Remember that maintaining the conversation depends on how you follow the logical order of tasks in the role play cards.

Simple Trick #3: Conclude the conversation

Although ending the conversation is the easiest part of the test, you still need to consider the following:

•  Summarize the tasks you have spoken about. Say something like: “Let’s summarize what we have spoken about today. Firstly, you said …, and then you mentioned that…,” You don’t need to memorize all the things that your patient said and just refer to the role play card.

•  If you are a test taker enrolled in OET online packages, you can also add some phrases to show your professionalism. End the conversation with the following phrases: “Thank you for trusting me, Mrs. XXX.” or “It’s nice to have a conversation with you, Mrs. XXX.”

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