5 Basic OET Speaking Test Tips You Should Know

Are you currently enrolled in a review center for OET and is having a hard time preparing for your OET speaking test? The OET Speaking Test aims to assess your communication skills. It is administered through a role-playing format with you taking the role of the healthcare professional. Keep in mind that the test is designed so that most of the time, you will be the one doing the talking.

Aside from enrolling, you can also try out tips you can use to ace your OET speaking test. Why not start with these 5 simple tips that will get you going. These reliable advice can get you on your feet in no time, facing the OET Speaking Test.


1. Open the conversation. Introduce yourself to the examiner/patient. Make the first move. Be the one in control and do not wait for the other person to do the talking.

2. Ask questions. Try and urge the examiner/patient to speak by asking them who they are, and if they are feeling anything out of the normal. If the examiner/patient is hesitant to talk, ask questions that would give you a YES or a NO answer.

3. Listen to the patient. One of the most critical things in the role-play is your ability to listen to the patient. Do not concentrate on your performance, but instead focus on communicating with the patient. The more you focus on your patient, the less nervous you will be.

4. One of the things you’ll learn from your OET preparation online is summarizing details. This will be useful for your Speaking Test as you’ll need to summarize your conversation. Assess the situation and respond accurately. Recall the whole conversation in your mind and create a scenario for you to be able to understand the patient more.

5. In severe and aggressive conditions, do not forget to sympathize with your patient. In any case of unexpected turns, do not feel pressured. Instead, try thinking in your patient’s perspective. What if you were in that situation, you would want to talk to someone who would understand your pain.

Another great way to exercise your communication skills is to talk to the mirror. According to Lidya K of Let’s Reach Success, it is called the mirror technique. This method can help boost your self-confidence and improve your communication skills.

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