6 Study Tips for OET Review Center Students

The best way to prepare for OET is by enrolling in an OET review center. You’ll learn all the test essentials, access quality training materials, answer up-to-date mock exams, and get one-on-one coaching sessions with exam experts. With an OET training course, you’ll definitely have more chances of reaching your grade goals—provided, of course, that you make every second of it count. Follow these tips to maximize your OET classes.

1. Attend all of your OET classes.

Most OET training courses usually span a week or two. A week or two of intensive lectures and practice activities that you can’t afford to miss. So, attend all of your classes. Keep in mind that while it’s possible to catch up on what you missed if you failed to attend a class, you no longer have the opportunity to pick your instructor’s brain about the topic.

2. Don’t be late.

Not only is it rude to your instructor and classmates, but it’s also inconvenient. You’d have to get the gist of whatever you missed as soon as possible, and that usually involves asking (disturbing) your seatmate for a recap. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble following the ongoing discussion. Save yourself from this awkward scenario by making sure you get to class early.

3. Sit in front of the classroom.

The first and second rows are the best places to stay in during OET training classes.

Sitting in these locations ensures that you can see and hear your instructor clearly, heightens your focus on the discussion, and lessens the chances of you getting sleepy.

4. Participate in class.

Raise your hand and answer questions. Don’t let the fear of committing a mistake hold you back from participating in class. Likewise, don’t hesitate to ask your OET review instructors questions and clarifications. Pick their brains for tips and tricks for the various task types of the exam.

5. Review everything after your classes.

Not just your lecture notes. Review your modules, answered mock exams, and other OET materials. Take note of the mistakes you made in your practice tests to avoid committing them again.

6. Practice what you learned.

Aside from reviewing everything, it’s also crucial that you practice everything that you learned. Use English when conversing with your family and friends. Be mindful of your grammar when completing various health forms at work. Browse health-focused websites and watch English broadcasts. Take every opportunity to hone your communicative skills.

Don’t waste a single second of your OET training course. Enhance your test preparations with these tips to boost your chances of achieving OET success.

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