Beyond OET: How to Make the Most of Consultations

Consultation role-plays are among the most common scenarios in the OET speaking sub-test. Why? Because it’s part and parcel of just about every medical practitioner’s life. Whether you’re a physician or a veterinarian, facilitating appointments and interacting with patients and/or their guardian will always be a part of your work tasks. So, make sure you can conduct consultations well.

Below are some tips to help you facilitate successful consultations. Practice them alongside your OET online review course to enhance your performance not only in the speaking test but beyond it as well.

• Give the patient’s records a thorough read.

This is the equivalent of reading and analyzing the role-play task card in the OET speaking exam. Checking out your patient’s records will give you an idea of their health background. Consider their medical history. Take note of recurring health issues and significant developments like surgery.

If the patient doesn’t have any records with your healthcare facility, then you may need to ask about their medical history during your consultation. Keep these in mind during your OET review online speaking sessions.

• Start the consultation right.

Greet the patient and introduce yourself if it’s your first time meeting them.

• Pay attention to how the patient behaves.

Doing so will give you cues on how to interact with the patient. Are they hesitant to share information? Be patient. Encourage them to share about their problem by giving them prompts when they start hesitating. Are they uncooperative? Don’t let their attitude get to you. Be emphatic, don’t argue with them, and address their concerns objectively. Improve your consultations with observations.

• Be mindful of your emotions.

Here’s a tip that every OET online review instructor drill into their students’ heads. No matter how frustrating or heartrending the situation is, you must be mindful of your feelings, stay objective, and maintain a composed disposition. If the appointment is the last of a busy day, don’t project your stress or tiredness to your patients. If the patient questions your findings or recommendations, don’t be defensive.  Stay professional throughout the entire appointment.

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