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Do you want to guarantee OET success? Enroll in our OET review course today! Read on to find out everything you need to know about our enrollment procedure.


JRooz Review Center, Inc., the country’s leader in providing quality review programs, uses its 16 years of experience in the review center to deliver another quality program: the OET Review.

Focused on providing quality classroom sessions, the OET Review Program assures that students will attain the required scores needed to be able to meet the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) requirements. It is specially designed for Filipino nurses wanting to jumpstart their careers overseas, in countries like the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Classes are composed of relevant lectures and mock tests imitating real-life tests scenario.


The JRooz OET Review Program caters to nurses with different employment status. The program offers a wide range of schedules that will surely be advantageous for nurses. The wide variety of schedules allows for a longer review program (3-month OET Flex Program), a shorter (2-week crash course program) or a more focused or intensive one (Final Coaching).This is the JRooz’s way of showing how much we care for our students, and how much we want them to succeed in their desire to work abroad without compromising their present conditions.

Furthermore, with this dedication, JRooz Review Center requires all of its OET Instructors to be experienced Nurses ensuring that the students receive the most accurate and most well thought out training as our Instructors can empathize with our students as they can deliver training that comes from the heart and experience of a fellow nurse.

JRooz OET Review also employs an ENDORSEMENT POLICY attached to all of the OET Programs. The endorsement is given to all students who, based on their mock test scores, is ready to take on the OET Exam. JRooz OET Review has such confidence in the quality of its training program that if any endorsed student does not receive the required scores, the student is entitled to one more OET Flex or Final Coaching session at NO ADDED COST! JRooz OET Review, we guarantee your success!


JRooz OET Review offers different schedules students can select from. All begin with a two-week lecture followed by OET coaching, the length of which is dependent on which module is preferred by the student. These are as follows:

  • A) OET Flex
    • The OET FLEX PROGRAM is highly recommended for nurses who are presently working and may need to take the review on a slower pace.
    • This OET Review option provides a 2-week lecture followed by flexible coaching sessions for the duration of 3 months. The coaching sessions done every week thereafter provides a mock test for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, with personalized one-on-one Student Performance Assessment (SPA) sessions every week. The SPA provides an insight to what the student strengths and weaknesses are in order to develop the proper approach and focus to the parts of the OET test.Click here to see our OET Flex Unlimited schedules.
    • Price: Php 6500
  • B) Crash Course
    • The JRooz OET Crash Course is a condensed, content-packed, shorter term review course that caters to the demands of students who may not have sufficient time for a full review, including students who are currently on their limited vacation leave from their work locally or abroad, and those who have taken a leave of absence. The program is open to novice OET reviewees, or those with prior review experience, and/or experience with the actual examination itself.
    • Included in the program is a general overview of the OET program, plus a diagnostic examination that would help students evaluate their current readiness, or lack thereof, to sit the actual OET examination.
      1. The CRASH COURSE PROGRAM will run for 2 full weeks.
      2. Student may choose to upgrade to the longer running OET Flex program should he or she feel that the Crash Course offering is inadequate. However upgrading should be done before the end of the 2-week crash course.
    • Schedule
    • Classes: 3 hours per session, 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN / 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
      1. Session 1: LRW Diagnostic
      2. Session 2: Speaking Diagnostic and Orientation
      3. Session 3: Listening Lecture
      4. Session 4: Listening Coaching
      5. Session 5: Reading Lecture
      6. Session 6: Reading Coaching
      7. Session 7: Writing Lecture
      8. Session 8: Writing Coaching
      9. Session 9: Speaking Lecture
      10. Session 10: Speaking Coaching
    • Guidelines
      1. Students enrolled in the Crash Course program will not be endorsed for the Intensive Review course, and consequentially, cannot similarly avail of the JRooz Endorsement policy.
      2. Students have access to the JRooz OET manual.
  • C) Final Coaching
    • For current flex students who are already going to take the exam.
    • Shorter but intensive course program specifically for those who need to focus on the writing subtest.
    • For students who already took OET before but needs to improve their writing score.
    • Price: 4,000.00
    • Conditions
      • From Flex Class
        • A minimum of 1 month continuous review
          1. Complete attendance in lectures
          2. Minimum of 2 complete MOCK exam scores
        • MOCK exam scores
          1. Listening and Reading scores NOT LOWER THAN B
          2. Writing and Speaking scores NOT LOWER THAN 4 in all criteria.
      • Walk-in: Students who took OET before
        1. Latest OET exam not more than 2 months ago.
        2. Exam scores with ONLY WRITING as C+, all other subtests should be B.
    • Activities:
        Week 1 Week 2
      Monday Mock LRW Mock LRW
      Tuesday Mock Speaking Mock Speaking
      Wednesday Case Notes Analysis + Writing mock Paragraphing + Writing mock
      Thursday Transforming case notes + Writing Cohesive + Writing Mock
      Friday Writing one-on-one Writing one-on-one

To view the complete list of our schedule for the first half of 2018, go to our Program Schedule page here.

How can you enroll?

There are two ways to secure a slot: enroll as walk-ins at our review centers or via online reservation via bank deposit.

Walk-In Enrollment

  1. Fill out the Student Information Sheet (SIS).
  2. Choose your preferred schedule of review.
  3. Pay the review fee to the branch Admin (Cash or Dated Cheque).

Online Enrollment

  1. Deposit a minimum reservation fee (Php 500) through any of our bank accounts. The details of the accounts are listed below.
  2. Send a copy of the deposit slip together with the filled-out SIS to the administrator who sent you the response email (see step 1). Please indicate your preferred schedule of review.
  3. Wait for the confirmation of payment and review slot via email.

Here are the details of our bank accounts:

Bank Name: EastWest Bank
Account Name: Jrooz Review Center Inc.
Account Number: 4702006304
Branch: Valero, Makati City

Bank Name: Banco de Oro
Account Name: J.Rooz Review Center, Inc.
Account Number: 005438011515
Branch: Alfaro-Salcedo Village Branch

Bank Name: BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)
Account Name: J.Rooz Review Center, Inc.
Account Number: 1681-0010-49
Branch: Alfaro Branch

Bank Name: Metrobank
Account Name: Jrooz Review Center, Inc.
Account Number: 2702270006595
Branch: Alfaro Branch

Important: Slot reservations must be done at least 2 weeks prior your preferred review schedule
Are you on a tight budget? Don’t worry; we also offer OET review discounts! Visit our Promos and Events Page for more details.

Choose JRooz OET Review and begin your journey toward achieving your dream career overseas!