Dos and Don’ts in the OET Reading Sub-Test Part A

The OET reading sub-test has three components: Part A (expeditious reading task); Part B (careful reading task); and Part C (also a careful reading task). This article will focus on the first one.

Part A measures your ability to pick out specific and/or pertinent information from four short passages. The texts revolve around the same healthcare topic. Sounds simple right? Don’t get complacent. Underestimating this section has led many test takers to miss their desired OET reading grade.

Make sure you’re prepared for it. Enroll in the best training center for OET in Quezon City and practice the following dos and don’ts.


• Get to know the test. Knowing what to expect from the first part of the reading sub-test will help you:

○ refine your strategy
○ make the most of your time
○ prepare for its pressures
○ meet its demands

So, make it a point to learn what goes on in Part A of the reading sub-test during your training period. Check out the overview below.

○ The section is a summary completion task.
○ There’s a table with two columns. The left column contains a summary of the four texts that has blank spaces. Your job is to complete it by writing down the missing words in the right column.
○ The examiner will take your answer sheet after 15 minutes.

Take note: this is only a run-through of the test. To get a more in-depth explanation of its workings, enroll in the JRooz training facility for OET in Quezon City.

• Check out the summary first. This is one of the first strategies your instructor for OET review in Quezon City will teach you. Read the summary first. It will give you an idea of what information to search for in the passages. Pay close attention to the words near the blanks. Figure out the word type (e.g., noun, verb, etc.) that will best fill in the gap. Also, keep an eye out for details that will help you determine which of the passages contain the answer.


• Skim. Scan. Your objective is to find a specific piece of information; not enhance your understanding of the subject. So, focus on pinpointing the answer. If the sentence in which the blank is located has names or numbers, skim for those details. Numbers are easy to spot. So, they’ll help you find the answer faster. Pay attention to abbreviations as well. Keep these in mind during your for OET in Quezon City.

• Ignore the titles. Consider them when you search for the answers. Titles sum up the contents of their passages well. As such, they’ll let you know if they cover the information you need or not. For instance, if the topic is seasonal flu and the sentence you need to complete delves into the risks of the disease, scan the text with the title that’s closest to the subject.

Exceed your grade goal for the reading sub-test’s first section. Add these dos and don’ts to your test strategy. Prepare with the best center for OET review in Quezon City to learn more ways to elevate your test performance!

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