What to Expect Before, During and After Your OET Test Date

Few nurses jump at the opportunity to launch their career abroad with OET. Not because they think the test lacks credibility and recognition but because they don’t know what to expect once they book the exam. Don’t be one of them. If unfamiliarity of the OET’s goings-on is also holding you back from taking the test, this article can help you out.

Read on to learn about what happens before, during and after your test date. Once you get to know the exam process, consider enrolling in an OET review center Davao to boost your chances of success.

Before Your Test Date: What Happens After You Book Your Exam?
After booking the test, you’ll be informed of your test date but not its venue. This information will be provided in the timetable that OET will email to you a week or two before your test date. The OET timetable contains:

  • The exact time and duration of each OET sub-test.
  • The exact address of your test venue.
  • The exact time you need to be at your test venue.

Once you receive your OET timetable, all the test details are set in stone. You won’t be able to request changes in the OET speaking exam. Make the most out of the period between your test booking and test date.

  • Enroll in an excellent training program, like the one offered in the JRooz OET review center Davao, to guarantee success.
  • Make sure all the details in your OET profile—you know, the one you created to book the test—is correct. Are there are any errors in your personal details (e.g., name, gender, etc.)? If so, follow this guide to fix it. Do you need to update your email address or mailing address? Here are guides to change the former and the latter.

On Your Test Date: What Happens After You Arrive at the Exam Center?
Once you arrive at your test venue, you’ll be asked to:

  1. …present a valid identification document—the same one you submitted when you booked the exam;
  2. …go through the Test Day Registration Process, which includes completing a Candidate Register;
  3. …double-check your name and candidate number; and
  4. …have your photo taken by the venue administrator.

After that, you’ll be asked to surrender your belongings to the administrators. The OET facilitators also expect that you’ve read and will comply with the test’s terms and conditions. Get a more detailed take of what’ll happen on your test date from the experts of JRooz’s OET Davao review center.

After Your Test Date: What Happens After You Take the Exam?
Although the exam is streamlined and highly digital, you won’t be getting your results immediately. You OET grades will be made available in your OET account 16 business days after your exam date.

Don’t expect to get your test papers and any other work that you’ve accomplished as part of the exam. OET will only release your grades. If you want to get feedback for your communicative skills, enroll in OET Davao or any other training facility.

Want to guarantee that you’ll achieve your OET grade on your first test attempt? Living in Mindanao? Don’t worry. You don’t need to travel to Manila to get first-rate OET training. Enroll in JRooz’s OET Review Center Davao. JRooz is the leading language test review provider in the Philippines. They have branches scattered in strategic locations across the country. You can learn more about their courses and enrollment packages here.

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