Five OET Test-taking Strategies for the Reading Sub-test

Want to improve your performance in the OET reading sub-test? If you’re a student enrolled in a review center for OET in Baguio, maximize your exam preparation by using these practical test-taking tips.

Five OET Test-taking Strategies for the Reading Sub-test

The OET reading sub-test consists of the following components:

• Part A is an expeditious reading task and assesses your ability to identify specific information from four short texts.

• Part B is a careful reading task and measures your ability to understand the gist or main point of six short texts sourced from the healthcare workplace.

• Part C is also a careful reading task and evaluates your ability to determine the detailed meaning and opinion of two healthcare-related texts.

In order to successfully accomplish this part of the Occupational English Test, below are five test-taking strategies that can help you.

1. Learn how to skim short reading passages and long texts

Skimming plays a very crucial role in the reading test. It helps you acquire a lot of information from the text in a short amount of time. To do this effectively, simply utilize these helpful reminders during your OET review Baguio preparation:

Read the first and last sentences of the text.

Look for keywords such as names, dates, and medical terminologies.

If you’re dealing with long texts, read the headings and sub-headings as well as the first sentences of each paragraph.

2. Utilize a note-taking strategy

As you skim the text, list down all the critical points you found using a note-taking strategy. Most test takers enrolled in OET Baguio use the sentence method of note-taking because it only requires jotting down words and phrases from the text.

3. Know the different question types

Each OET reading component consists of the following question types:

Part A has three questions types.

1. Sentence completion requires you to fill in the gaps of various incomplete sentences summarizing healthcare-related short texts.

2. Matching questions require identifying which of the four short texts does not belong to the group.

3. Short-answer question involves answering each question with just a word or a short phrase from a short medical-related text.

Parts B and C only have one type of question.

1. Multiple-choice questions require you to choose one answer among three or four options.

4. Manage your time

Time management is also vital in the reading test. Because all three reading components take a total of 60 minutes to complete, it is necessary to maximize your time on each reading component. To guide you more, read and follow these OET review Baguio time management tips:

Part A takes around 15 minutes and has 20 questions. Spend at least five minutes skimming all four short texts. Then spend two minutes listing down your notes. Use the remaining eight minutes to answer the questions.

Parts B and C have a total of 45 minutes with 24 questions. Spend at least 10 minutes skimming six short passages and two long texts. Then spend five minutes listing down your notes. Use the remaining 30 minutes answering 24 multiple-choice questions.

5. Review your answers

Before you proceed to the next part of the Occupational English Test, review all of your answers in the reading exam.

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