Five Practical Tips for OET Listening Part A: Consultation Extracts

OET Listening Part A: Consultation Extracts

For this listening task, you will listen to two audio recordings about a consultation between a medical professional and a patient. Your task is to complete the medical professional’s notes using the information from the audio clips. This listening test assesses your ability to determine specific information while listening to a consultation.

If you’re a test taker enrolled in an OET online course review, it is essential to find various test-taking strategies that can help boost your exam preparation and ace the OET Listening Part A: Consultation Extracts. For instance, below are simple yet effective exam tips that you can apply during the listening test.

Five Practical Tips for OET Listening Part A

Do you want to ace this listening task? Read and follow these five practical tips for the OET Listening Part A – Consultation Extracts:

1. Analyze the medical professional’s note

The medical professional’s note consists of headings, subheadings, and blank spaces. Keep in mind that the number of headings and subheadings depends on the number of critical points discussed during the consultation. Below is a sample illustration of the medical professional’s note:

1. Osteoporosis

a. Specialist’s view



b. Patient’s view



c. Midwife’s advice



2. Listen to the consultation carefully

As you listen to the audio clip, list down all the critical points such as medical terms, opinions, and arguments discussed on each consultation. Don’t skip any part of the recording as it might cause you to skip essential details of the consultation.

3. Use a note-taking technique

Use a note-taking strategy to organize all the information you gathered from the consultation. During your OET review online sessions, look for the best note-taking technique that you can apply during the listening test.

4. Manage your time

Time management plays a crucial role in the OET Listening Part A. To guide you on how to use your time wisely, read and follow these two critical points:

Use the 30-second pause before each consultation to examine the incomplete notes.

•  Spend at least one minute answering each blank. Use your notes as a guide when filling out the medical professional’s note.

5. Review your answers

If you still have time, review your answers and revise them if necessary. Make sure that you have filled out all the gaps before you proceed to the next part of the listening test.

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