Five Practical Tips for OET Listening Part C: Presentation Extracts

Presentation extracts task is the third and last part of the OET Listening Test. This listening task consists of two recordings of healthcare professionals, which could be solo presentations or interviews. There are 12 multiple-choice questions, and your task is to choose from three possible answers. This listening task lasts around 15 minutes and assesses your ability to determine the main idea and supporting details of a healthcare-related recording.

Enrolling in an OET review center is one of the best ways to develop your critical-thinking skills and ace this listening task. During your review sessions, the instructor will provide various practice tests and course training materials to boost your OET review preparation. However, attending review classes is not enough. You must find the best test-taking strategies that can help you handle the presentation extracts task. For instance, check out these awesome tips for the OET Listening Part C.

Five Practical Tips for OET Listening Part C: Presentation Extracts

If your goal is to get a high band score in the presentation extracts task, then read and follow these five practical tips!

1. You will be given 90 seconds to look at the multiple-choice questions before you listen to each audio recording. Use this time to determine the main idea in each question. Look for keywords or key phrases in each question. Don’t forget to examine the three options and rephrase them in your own words.

2. Keep in mind that there are no gaps in the recordings. Once the presentation or interview starts, pay attention to the stressed words or phrases used in the recording. Use the listing method of note-taking to write down all the critical points in each audio clip.

3. Synonyms and paraphrasing play a significant role in this listening task. Some of the questions and answer options are not identical to the phrases and sentences in the recordings. Your review classes in OET Cebu is the perfect place to develop your paraphrasing skills and knowledge on synonyms.

4. Instead of concentrating on facts and figures, look for comparisons, connections, emphasis, and opinions between cause and effect in each audio recording. Doing this enables you to capture the main idea of the recordings.

5. Use the process of elimination. In each question, remove an option that is obviously not related to the recording. If you still can’t figure out the answer, choose an option that contains ideas or arguments related to the recording.

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