Frequently Asked Questions About the OET Reading Sub-Test

Planning to take the OET exam soon? If you’re currently enrolled at the OET review center in Davao, then you’re well on your way to securing your grade goals.

OET instructors can teach you everything you need to ace the test. Add the fact that you’ll also get access to high-quality materials and one-on-one coaching sessions, and it’s a recipe for OET success! However, this doesn’t mean that you should limit your test preparations to your OET Davao training course.

Remember, you’re taking an exam that can change your life forever. Hence, it’s imperative that you learn as much as you can about the high-stakes exam. Find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the reading sub-test below.

1. Does the order in which I write my answers matter?

Yes, it does. It is your responsibility as the test taker to ensure you write your answers in the appropriate order and spaces. So, familiarize yourself with the various test-types of the exam. Answer as many practice exams as you can to get used to the demands of the test. Having a hard time finding quality materials? Enroll in an OET review center in Davao.

2. Will I be given time to check my answers?

The OET reading sub-test is designed to give test takers adequate time to read, answer, and double-check your work. So, you won’t be given extra time to double-check your answers. Come up with a time management strategy during your OET preparation period.

3. Can I use abbreviations in the exam?

No, you can’t. Unless they appear in the provided texts, abbreviations are never considered in the reading exam.

4. Do I lose points if I misspell words?

Yes, you do. OET examiners will not consider answers that are not spelled correctly.

So, always double-check your spellings. Make it a point to build up your vocabulary during your OET Davao classes.

5. Do I have to use American or British English?

While it’s best that you use the spelling variation used in the section, you can use either American (e.g., anesthetic) or British (e.g., anaesthetic) English in your responses.

6. How much does each section contribute to the overall reading sub-test?

Part A of the Reading Sub-test makes up 33.33% of your total score in this sub-test. Meanwhile, part B makes up 66.66% of your overall grade. The latter weighs more because it assesses a wider range of skills compared to the former.

Are all your questions about the test covered in this article? If not, then it’s highly likely that only an OET specialist can answer your question. The easiest way to find—and learn from—one is by enrolling in JRooz’s OET review center in Davao. Click here to find out more about that branch’s course offers.

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