HEADS UP! These Grammar Errors Will Lower Your OET Grade

On-point grammar is crucial to OET success. It’s why excellent OET review center courses have sessions that focus on its development. Enhance yours to boost your chances of achieving your grade goals. Start by avoiding these grammar mistakes.

• Breaking the Subject–Verb Agreement

The subject–verb agreement is a fundamental grammar rule. Breaking it diminishes the quality of your writings. So, always uphold it. Use the s-form of the verb for singular subjects. Use the base form of the verb for plural subjects.

• Mixing Up Verb Tenses

There’s a reason why top training facilities, like the JRooz OET review Baguio center, include verb tense lessons in their courses. And, it’s because they have a huge impact on your writing score. Mix them up, and you’ll derail your composition and reduce your writing grade. So, make sure you master how they work before you take the exam.

• Believing in Preposition Misconceptions

The meaning of a preposition varies depending on how it’s used in a sentence. Assuming otherwise can lead you to make grammar mistakes. Here’s an example.

○ Come back in a week – “in” pertains to time

○ Please come in – “in” pertains to movement, from the outside going in.

Study up on prepositions or enroll in an OET review center to find out more.

• Misusing Expressions

Expressions are seldom used when writing case notes, composing referral letters, and completing other healthcare documents. So, if you do feel the need to integrate them into your writings, make sure you use them correctly. Here are some of the expressions OET takers frequently misuse.

○ First-come, first-served NOT (first-come, first-serve)

○ Prostate cancer NOT prostrate cancer

○ Peace of mind NOT piece of mind

○ Worse comes to worst NOT worse comes to worse

○ Through the wringer NOT through the ringer

○ A moot point NOT a moot point

○ Make do NOT make due

○ Deep-seated NOT deep-seeded

○ Regardless NOT irregardless

○ Suddenly NOT all of a sudden

• Committing Comma Splices and Run-On Sentences

Comma splices and run-on sentences are grammar errors that go hand in hand. The former happens when you use a comma to combine two independent clauses that lack coordinating conjunction. The latter happens when two independent clauses are linked by coordinating conjunction, but lack connecting punctuation. Keep an eye out for them when you proofread your works.

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