OET Note-taking Tips: How to Use the Outline Method

One of the most effective tools in enhancing your study habit is taking notes. For instance, OET Cebu instructors encourage their students to take notes during their review classes. As an OET test taker, it is important to learn new methods in note-taking as it helps in making your notes more reliable and accurate. There are many note-taking methods that you can use that can help elevate the quality of your notes. One of the most effective note-taking methods used by many is the outline method.

The outline method is a note-taking strategy that organizes information in a highly structured and logical way of forming a skeleton of the ideas and concepts that you acquired by listening to lectures or reading books. Aside from that, it helps to easily identify the main topic and supporting details of the lectures. Plus, the outline method not only shows the content and main points of the lecture but also shows the relationship between points. Here are the other benefits of using the outline method in your OET Cebu review class:

  • It helps you digest a lot of information in a short time.
  • It reduces the time needed to edit your notes.
  • It serves as a useful tool in analyzing texts or lectures.
  • It provides accurate information of your lectures.
  • It enables you to be more organized when taking notes

How to use the outline method in note-taking?

For OET test takers in Cebu, using the outline method in note-taking can serve as an excellent study guide when preparing for your OET exam. Here are three easy steps on how to use the outline method in taking notes for your OET Cebu review class.

Step 1 — Create an outline

In creating an outline, start writing on the left side of the paper. Use Roman numerals for the main topic, capital letters for the subtopics, and numbered points for supporting facts and details. You can also put more sublevels to show more details depending on the information you will get from the lecture.

Step 2 — Fill in the outline

Before filling in the outline, you must identify first on which part of the lecture or the text is the main topic, subtopics and the supporting details. After you have figured it out, write all the information that you get on their corresponding level. For example, if your main topic is Philippines centers for OET review. Cebu, Baguio, Makati and other places in the Philippines that have OET review centers should be your subtopic.

Step 3 — Check the outline

After completing your outline, make sure to check the main topic, subtopics and supporting facts and details that you have written in the outline. Reread the outline carefully and identify possible mistakes that you might have made.

Apply these three easy steps on how to use the outline method in note-taking to help boost your OET review. Cebu, Baguio, Makati and other OET review centers in the Philippines help medical professionals improve their OET preparation. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now in any OET review center and establish your career abroad!

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