From JRooz OET Online Review: A Letter to our Frontline Health Workers

From JRooz OET Online Review: A Letter to our Frontline Health Workers

frontline health workers

To the heroes of the COVID-19 war:

As the days pass by amidst this pandemic, you get restless, sleepless, and exhausted as you fight the virus with all your might. You have been sacrificing a lot since day one, most especially your own safety and lives.

We’ve heard a lot of stories around. We have heard about nurses, and other staff stay at the hospital despite being pulled out of their shifts just so enough human resources are present in the hospital. We’ve heard about those who remain 24/7 at hospitals to make sure that someone is on call on rounds. We’ve heard about your non-stop efforts to treat our patients as best as you can by taking care of them when you can’t take care of your family or even your own.

We’ve also witnessed other people, who may not be health workers, but have a significant role in this battle. We’ve seen some military personnel maintaining disciplinary measures in checkpoints or places they were assigned to. We see workers in grocery stores like cashiers and sales staff that ensure the availability of supplies in a time of scantiness. We see farmers continuing with working on their crops to sustain people’s staple resources.

We’ve heard the news about scientists continuously working on the vaccine and on the cure that can finally end this pandemic. And yet after everything, social and financial repercussions will arise, but fortunately, some local government officials are doing their best to help its constituents as much as they can.

As we take a pause on our OET online courses, JRooz OET Online Review would like to take this moment to thank everyone who has been limitlessly working on protecting our society. Thank you for carrying everyone while everything might seem close to crumbling already. Thank you for all your sacrifices. Thank you for choosing to serve the people.

After everything subsides, JRooz OET Online Review would like to invite you to join our classes and let us help you secure your future career as you help us secure our future lives too. Until then, please take some time to take care of yourselves too. Get enough rest. Take a day off once in a while to breathe if you feel everything is too much and if it suffocates you. Make sure you’re healthy and fully equipped with protective and preventive gear as you go back to the battle each day.

We offer you our whole-hearted thank you, and we will do everything we can as citizens to cooperate with everyone amidst the COVID-19. Thank you for everything. You are our heroes.

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