OET Cebu Letter-Writing Tips: Using Correlative Conjunctions

Writing a profession-specific letter, typically a referral letter is a challenging task given during the OET Writing Sub-test. As a student enrolled in a review center for OET, it is beneficial to find the best letter-writing tips and strategies that can help boost your exam preparation and ace the writing test.

For instance, successful OET examinees use correlative conjunctions when constructing letters in the OET Writing Sub-test.

Using Correlative Conjunctions in the OET Writing Sub-test

A correlative conjunction is a pair of words used to connect two ideas or concepts that have equal importance in the sentence. It also distinguishes the relationship between the words and phrases in the sentence. When using correlative conjunctions in the OET Writing Sub-test, it is vital to keep the parallel structure intact.

If you’re a student enrolled in a review center for OET Cebu, for example, if you’re in that area, it is vital to know the intricacies of using correlative conjunctions. To guide you more, below are the five correlative conjunctions used when writing a letter.

1. either/or

Either and or are used in the positive sense when you are referring to a specific choice between two possibilities.

I want either the chocolate cake or the strawberry ice cream.

2. neither/nor

Neither and nor are used in the negative sense when you are stating two or more things that are not true.

Neither Lois nor Sally expressed her annoyance when the dog broke the antique mirror.

3. not only/but also

Not only and but also are used when you are presenting two related pieces of information in a sentence.

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4. whether/or

Whether and or are used when you are expressing that the action is still viable regardless of the two possibilities.

Whether you like the band or not, you must go to the concert.

5. both/and

Both and and are used when you are combining two words or phrase that have similar importance in the sentence.

            The quiz was both very short and quite easy.

One final reminder: During your study time, practice using these correlative conjunctions when answering practice tests about the OET Writing Sub-test. You can also use these correlative conjunctions when constructing academic essays.

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