OET Preparation Course Tips for the Busy Taker

The best way to get your OET score goal is to enroll in an OET preparation course. Find a training facility in your area with high pass rates like JRooz OET review and enroll in one of their programs. Make sure you consider your current commitments before choosing.

Are you hesitant to enroll in a training program because you are currently studying in med school or working as a healthcare professional? Don’t worry. Your busy schedule doesn’t have to get in the way of your test preparations. Use these study tips to strike a balance between your current commitments and your Occupational English Test review.

OET Study Tips for University Students

  • Apply what you learned to your schoolwork. This is the best way to hone your communicative abilities not only for the high-stakes exam, but also for your future workplace. Apply what you learned when you tackle reading assignments, analyze medical cases, and compose essays. Then, gauge your performance before and after enrolling in your OET preparation course.
  • Read up on your specialization. The contents of writing and speaking tests are tailored to your field of expertise. So, you don’t need to review subjects about other medical fields. Just focus on your specialization.
  • Take your language notes with you everywhere you go. Yes, even to your university classes. Keep digital versions of your materials on your mobile phone or summarize their contents with your own notes. Consult your notes frequently throughout your lectures, not only to check for errors but also to refine your writing and speaking skills. 

OET Study Tips for Practicing Healthcare Professionals

  • Integrate your review into your work. The OET exam is designed after real-world healthcare workplace scenarios. It tests your linguistic abilities using tasks that you encounter daily as a healthcare professional (e.g., conducting consultations, writing referral letters, etc.).So, the best way to enhance your review is to apply what you learned in your OET preparation course to your work.
  • Save digital copies of your OET materials to your mobile devices. This will let you study anytime anywhere. You can ask your OET instructor for soft copies of their materials, type your handwritten notes, or just take photos on your phone.
  • Study only the essentials. Remember, the OET exam centers on healthcare scenarios. Don’t waste your time reading up on unrelated topics like figures of speech and political issues. Limit your studies to subjects that are in-line your expertise and the healthcare industry in general.

Make every second of your OET preparation course count. Use these strategies to help you juggle your work or studies and your test review efficiently. Enroll in JRooz Review’s OET programs to discover more ways to guarantee a Grade B and above!

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