OET Reading Hacks: Why On-Point Time Management is a Must

OET review center instructors always drill into their students the importance of time management in the reading sub-test. Read on to find out their reasons.

Why Time Management Is Crucial in the OET Reading Sub-Test

The OET reading sub-test technically has three parts: Part A, which is an expeditious reading task; Part B, which is a careful reading task; and Part C, which is also a careful reading task. Part B and Part C are often considered a single unit due to their similar formats and shared time limits. Here’s how time works for each component.

• In Part A, you will be given 15 minutes to read 3 to 4 texts and fill in the blanks of an incomplete summary.

• In Parts B and C, you will be given 45 minutes to read two texts and answer 16 to 20 multiple choice questions about them.

The time limit for both sections is neither generous nor inconsiderate. So, it’s imperative that you have a time management strategy. If you’re preparing with a top training facility like the JRooz OET Makati, consider your mock test performances when you develop a time management strategy.

In the case of Part A, a quarter of an hour is certainly enough to read 3 to 4 short texts about a single healthcare topic and pick out specific information from them—provided that you use rapid reading techniques like skimming and scanning.

Knowing how healthcare materials are formatted also helps. For example, if one of the texts is a referral letter, you’ll know that most of the key details are located in the first paragraph. You can easily limit your search in those areas. Consider these during your OET Makati review classes.

In the cases of Part B and C, however, employing rapid reading techniques alone isn’t enough. Here’s why:

Part B evaluates your ability to get the gist of six short texts, identify their main points, and determine their specific details. Each passage is made up of 100 to 150 words. You must answer a multiple choice question after each passage.

Part C, on the other hand, tests your ability to identify the specific meanings and opinions of two texts and determine their relationships. It also gauges your ability to understand lexical references. Each passage contains 800 words.

Both parts demand careful reading and understanding. However, that doesn’t mean that you can take your time with going through each passage. You only have 45 minutes to do everything after all.

Make every second of the time limit count. Develop a time management strategy during your training period. Enroll in an OET review center to learn more ways to enhance your performance for the life-changing exam.

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