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The Occupational English Test is an English language assessment that is designed for healthcare professionals. If you are planning to pursue your career in countries, such as the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, and Singapore, then it is highly recommended that you take this exam.

JRooz OET Review Center in Baguio was established to cater to people in the North. JRooz aims to make learning more convenient and accessible to students that is why it strives to bring quality training closer to those who need it. Wondering why JRooz is the go-to review center of most students? Here’s why!

  • JRooz OET Baguio instructors consistently undergoes intensive training
    JRooz OET Review Center upholds quality education. This is why its OET instructors undergo rigorous training to improve their teaching skills and understand the exam demands better.
  • JRooz OET Review Center invests in quality and up-to-date learning resources
    We believe that investing in quality learning materials, facilities, and equipment is an excellent foundation to promote a student-centered learning environment. We make sure that all our students have access to lecture modules, simulation exams, and other training resources.
  • JRooz OET Review in Baguio is focused on honing students’ English communicative abilities
    The 10-day training program is designed to ensure that each exam component is tackled. Aside from lectures, instructors also provide quality coaching sessions, one-on-one assessments, simulation exams, and test strategies. The intensive review program aims to develop students’ full potential and make them OET-ready.
  • JRooz OET Review Center provides a flexible review schedule
    We understand that juggling work, studies, and life commitment is challenging. This is why JRooz provides OET training that lasts for six hours per session to allow students to still attend to their prior commitment.

Go over and beyond your OET score goals through the help of JRooz OET Review Center in Baguio. Let our instructors hone your potential and prepare you for the demands in a healthcare environment.