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Are you a healthcare professional who needs to take an English language assessment to work or study in the UK, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, and Singapore? Then OET is the exam for you! JRooz OET Cebu instructors are dedicated to guiding students to the best of their ability to help them take a step closer to their dream career abroad.

Why choose JRooz OET Review Center in Cebu?

JRooz OET Review Cebu is a training center designed to help healthcare professionals develop the skills necessary to adapt to the lifestyle and meet the demands of the industry abroad. JRooz OET Review Center was established to provide excellent review programs to people in Cebu and nearby provinces.

  • JRooz OET Review Center provides a 10-day review program that runs for six hours per day. This schedule was designed to allow students to focus on their test preparations while still having the time to attend to their prior commitments.
  • The intensive review covers all the critical points of the OET exam. The course includes:
  • an initial assessment to test the existing knowledge and skills of the students;
  • in-depth discussions of the different exam components: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking;
  • one-on-one coaching session for each test section;
  • mock tests and one-on-one student assessments; and
  • final coaching session to make sure that students are OET-ready when they finish the course.
  • Instructors in JRooz OET Review Center in Cebu are graduates from top nursing schools and universities in the country. They have also mastered the art of teaching the English language. They provide comprehensive discussions that delve into the exam’s critical points and format. JRooz instructors also use tried-and-tested review strategies to ease students’ test preparations.
  • JRooz OET Review Center instructors only utilize the most up-to-date review materials to elevate students’ training experience.
  • Here at JRooz Review Center, we prioritize our students’ convenience and training experience. We make sure that all of our facilities are learning-conducive. Furthermore, we invest in high-quality educational equipment to give students only the best training experience.

JRooz OET Review Center has branches in different parts of the country. Aside from OET Review in Cebu, it also offers intensive OET training in Manila, Makati, Davao, and Baguio.

What are you waiting for? Take a step closer your dream career abroad! Enroll now in JRooz OET Review Center!