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Do you want to boost your OET training? JRooz Review Center is the country’s leading OET review provider that helps Filipino nurses develop their communication skills and get their desired OET score. If you are a test taker living in the metro, JRooz OET Review Center Quezon City is the perfect OET training center for you!

Catering to exam takers in Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces, OET Quezon City assures that every student will have access to a comprehensive training program to enhance their four core language skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) and to increase their chances of acing the OET exam.

Why Choose JRooz’s OET Review Quezon City

JRooz OET Review Center in Quezon City’s main goal is to give high-quality and affordable training course program that focuses on honing the English language skills of Filipino nurses and other healthcare professionals for the demanding test. To maintain the quality of its review program, JRooz OET Quezon City provides the following:

• An inclusive 10-day review program that covers not only the essentials of the OET exam (guidelines, components, and task types) but also other useful test-taking strategies and study tips that can maximize the student’s linguistic potential.

• The OET review Quezon City program runs six-hours per day. This schedule was crafted to give students enough time to focus on their test preparation, as well as their other important commitments. The course review program also consists of the following essential points:

◦  Initial assessment to test the existing knowledge and skills of the students;

◦ In-depth discussions of the various test components (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading tests);

◦ One-on-one coaching session for each test section;

◦ Practice tests and one-on-one student assessments; and

◦ Final coaching session to make sure that each student is well-prepared for the exam.

• Superb training facilities that are conducive to learning and suitable for an international language exam like the Occupational English Test. Each class caters to a maximum of 20 students per session to make sure that each student’s language ability is widely developed.

• Top-caliber OET Quezon City instructors who delivers only the best review classes to uplift student’s training experience. These instructors undergo continuous training to enhance their teaching skills and to give only the best training for their students.

• JRooz OET Review Center Quezon City also offers up-to-date learning materials such as course syllabus, lecture slides, and mock-up tests to evaluate student’s progress.

So what are you waiting for? Boost your communication skills and be 100% OET-ready! Enroll now in JRooz OET Review Center in Quezon City!