OET Speaking Hacks: How to Start Your Med Consultation Right

Do you want to score high in the OET speaking sub-test? Spend some of your OET online review period refining your medical consultation strategy. Start with your introduction. Here’s how you can ensure you start the OET’s appointment roleplay right.

• Know that you cannot start every consultation the same way.

This is one of the first things an OET online course review instructor will drill into your head—and with good reason. How you start the appointment should depend on two things:

◘ The purpose of the appointment
◘ Circumstances surrounding the consultation

Let’s say the appointment is to discuss the results of a biopsy from a lump on the patient’s arm. Due to an unexpected development, you were late for the consultation for a couple of hours. Your patient was not informed of the delay. Given these points, it would be inadvisable to start the consultation on an upbeat tone. It would be more appropriate to begin with a greeting and an apology. 

Make sure you start the appointment in a way that’s appropriate to its purpose and circumstances. Practice conducting consultations of various scenarios during your OET online review period.

• Project your feelings during the consultation.

Since the speaking sub-test is the last exam, you’ll probably be starting to feel mentally exhausted when you reach the consultation roleplay. You cannot show this during the appointment—not only because it would lower your speaking score but also because it would be unprofessional. So, keep your feelings in check during the appointment. Prioritize the roleplay. Focus on the examiner and the scenario that you are tasked to lead. Keep these in mind during your OET online course review sessions.

• Be mindful of how you’re going to be scored.

The examiner will grade your performance based on the following:

○ Fluency

◘ How well you paced your explanations and responses
◘ How good is your flow of speech

○ Intelligibility

◘ Pronunciation
◘ Intonation
◘ Stress
◘ Accent
◘ Rhythm

○ The consultation’s structure
○ Grammar and expression resources

◘ If you used a tone and language suitable to the patient’s situation

○ The appropriateness of language used

◘ Range and accuracy of word choice
◘ How well you paraphrased statements when necessary
◘ How well you upheld cohesion during long statements

○ Your relationship-building efforts

◘ How attentive you are of the patient
◘ How well you picked up the patient’s cues
◘ How well you explored and addressed the patient’s concerns

○ Your consideration of the patient’s perspective
○ The thoroughness of your consultation

◘ How well you established what the patient already knows
◘ How well you chunked the information you gave your patient
◘ If you checked the patient’s understanding

Make sure your introduction caters to these criteria. 

Don’t stop with your medical consultation. Hone your approach to the other sections of the high-stakes exam as well. Make the most of your OET online review course.

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