OET Study Tips: Benefits of Playing Crossword Puzzle

Preparing for an Occupational English test requires determination and hard work. As an OET test taker, you must look for different learning strategies that can help develop your language skills. Enrolling in an OET preparation course is essential, especially for healthcare professionals who want to pursue their career abroad. Aside from that, you can also study your lectures at home to make sure that you retain all the information that you get from your review class. But if you are looking for an activity where you can enjoy and learn at the same time, why not try solving a crossword puzzle?

According to research, “doing crossword puzzle may yield some benefits for your brain and improve your fluency, a word finding brain function that is based on the speech and language centers of the brain.” In other words, playing crossword puzzles is an effective way to improve your English language skills and can help in your OET preparation course. Here are the benefits of playing crossword puzzle:

Improves your vocabulary

In playing crossword, your mission is to find words suitable for each puzzle. These puzzles contain one-word clues that can help you identify the answer. This is where a dictionary or thesaurus comes in handy. Once you’ve found the word and it fits, you can continue answering until you fill in all the puzzles. Thus, you encounter new words and understand their meaning.

Enhances your thinking skills

As you read clues and look at the corresponding slots, you will find out how many letters needed to answer each puzzle. When you fill in each puzzle with your answers, you have a new clue for the remaining puzzles. Uncovering and connecting each clue requires critical thinking—something you also need when preparing for your OET.

Deep concentration

When you are solving crossword puzzles, you tend to dig deep into the problem at hand. Your mind is focused on the clues and how to figure out the answers to each puzzle. By doing this, you will develop a deep concentration that you can apply in your studies.

Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

According to a UC – Berkeley study, “crossword puzzles may help to ward off Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers found that the more often someone engaged in mentally stimulating activities such as crosswords, the less build-up of beta-amyloid they were likely to have in their brain.” Playing crossword puzzle at least once a day is beneficial to our health.

For OET test takers, practice playing crossword puzzles before going to your review classes to help you increase your chances of acing the Occupational English Test. Philippines has so many review centers that can help you with your OET preparation. JRooz OET is the country’s leading review center providing intensive training and aims to equip medical practitioners with their English language skills. Enroll now!

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