OET Test-taking Strategies for the Speaking Sub-test

OET Speaking Sub-test

As one of the challenging components of the Occupational English Test, the Speaking Sub-test consists of two role-play tasks and takes around 20 minutes to complete. The role-plays are based on a typical workplace situation. For each role-play, you will play a professional role (a nurse, a pharmacist, or a dentist) while the interlocutor plays a patient, a client, or a patient’s relative or carer. You will be given a card containing information about the situation for each role-play. The OET Speaking Sub-test measures your ability to communicate effectively in a healthcare setting.

In order to satisfy this OET component, below are ultimate test-taking strategies that can help you.

OET Test-taking Strategies for the Speaking Sub-test

If you’re a test taker enrolled in an OET review Makati, it is practical to seek various exam tips and techniques that can help boost your exam preparation and ace the Speaking Sub-test. To help you achieve this, read and follow these OET test-taking strategies that you can apply during the test:

• Read the role-play cards – Examine the role-play cards to determine whether you already know the patient or it is the first time you are meeting him or her. Doing this enables you to understand the overall gist of each role-play situation.

• Write down notes – As you read each role-play card, list down all critical points about the situation. Use a note-taking strategy to organize your notes properly. During your review classes in an OET review Makati, look for a good note-taking technique that you can use during the Speaking test.

• Take charge of the role-play – Initiate the conversation by introducing yourself to the patient. Ask open-ended questions and engage the patient in a meaningful conversation.

• Be a good listener – Listen to the responses of the patient so you will know when to follow up any questions. Don’t interrupt the patient.Use words like “hmmm…”, “ahhh…,” or “ok…ok…” to show that you are listening to the patient.

• Maintain eye-contact – Looking into the eyes of the interlocutor makes you look confident and helps you to focus on the tasks.

• Conclude the conversation – Summarize all the things that you have spoken about for each role-play. Don’t forget to say something like “Thank you for trusting me…” or “It’s nice to have a conversation with you…”

• Know the scoring criteria – Your performance in the OET Speaking Sub-test is scored against the following criteria:

2. Fluency
3. Appropriateness of language
4. Resources of grammar and expression
5. Relationship-building
6. Understanding and incorporating the patient’s perspective
7. Providing structure
8. Information-gathering
9. Information-giving

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