OET Updates: Nursing Career Opportunities in Ireland

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland has formally recognized OET for overseas-trained nurses who need to prove their English proficiency and want to pursue their nursing career in Ireland. Test takers who are enrolled in an OET online course program must earn at least a Grade C+ in the Listening and Reading Test, and a Grade B in the Writing and Speaking Test.

Nursing Career Opportunities in Ireland

Aside from planning your study schedule and maximizing your OET online review preparation, it is of utmost importance to know the nursing career opportunities that await you in Ireland. To guide you more, below are some of the best nursing jobs in Ireland:

• Public Hospital Nurses

In Ireland, public hospital nurses are required to continue receiving trainings and attend course programs. These trainings and programs will help develop your nursing skills as well as your learning abilities. Opportunities for promotion and increased salary are also possible once the evaluation period is over. The pace of work can be much higher than expected and sometimes public hospitals in Ireland are short-staffed, which means that your workload might be higher, but you will receive justifiable overtime pays.

Are you planning to work as a public hospital nurse in Ireland? Boost your OET online course training and achieve your desired OET score.

• Private Hospital Nurses

Did you know that working in a private hospital in Ireland is on the top ten list of destinations for overseas nurses? The great thing about working as a private hospital nurse in Ireland is that you will have the opportunity to work hand in hand with the top surgeons and most highly qualified doctors in the country. The working environment is absolutely fantastic, and the salary is higher than public hospital nurses. To work as a private hospital nurse in Ireland, you must have at least two years of working experience in nursing homes, public hospitals, or in private clinics.

Make sure that you utilize all of your OET online course training materials so you can achieve a Grade B in all OET test components and fulfill your dream of working as a private hospital nurse in Ireland.

• Nurses in Nursing Homes

If you don’t feel comfortable with pressure and you love working with elderly patients, then your best option is to work in nursing homes. In Ireland, a nursing home offers a less stressful and slower pace of work as well as the best place to work on your communication and nursing skills. Nursing homes in Ireland are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic, committed to the work, and read to get involved in a team.

Don’t skip any OET online sessions as it may cause you to lose your chances of achieving your OET score goal and pursuing your passion for working in nursing homes in Ireland.

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