OET Writing Test: Nooks and Crannies

The OET Writing Test is one of the more challenging sections of the Occupational English Test. It involves writing a letter, normally a referral letter, which advises or informs a patient, carer, or some other party about a medical situation. The variations in the letter depend on your industry.

Since the OET is accepted in various medical industries, this can range from pharmacy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, or occupational therapy. OET Quezon City, being a top-caliber review center, helps its reviewers to handle every situation that can arise.

Importance is given on how you handle the writing itself. The writing task will be scored using five criteria:

Overall Task Fulfillment
Appropriateness of Language
Comprehension of Stimulus
Linguistic Features (grammar and cohesion)
Presentation Features (spelling, punctuation, layout)

OET Quezon City, with its topnotch instructors, are well-equipped to train and prepare its reviewers to handle every scenario. Our program will teach you how to spot and identify all the nuances in the OET Writing Test by applying and mastering these simple tips:

Handling the OET Writing Test: Nooks and Crannies

1. Read Carefully

Although this is a writing exam, what you’ve written won’t do you any good if it contains incorrect information. This information will be provided to you at the beginning of the task and will include:

recipient’s name
recipient’s position/profession
recipient’s work address
the type of letter you need to write

Miss any of these in your letter, and you can say goodbye to acing the writing task.

2. Identify and Interpret

Once you’ve identified the correct details, your OET Review Quezon City instructor will then teach you how to interpret this information and tell whether or not they are relevant for the task at hand.

Two things you need to know to answer this question is WHO and WHY: Who are you writing to? And Why are you writing? Answer these, and you’re safe!

3. Organize Your Notes and Your Thoughts

Like any other writing task, unity, cohesion, and sense are essential. Your intended recipient, in this case, your evaluator, needs to be able to understand what you are saying. Achieve this by structuring your ideas properly, identifying a beginning, middle, and end, and polishing your grammar.

These points are “nooks and crannies” for a reason—not enough test-takers are paying attention to them. Don’t make the same mistake! Enroll now at JRooz OET Quezon City and ace the Writing Task!

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