OET Writing Tips: How to Use Resumptive Modifiers

Clarity is the most crucial quality of a good writing. In order to communicate effectively, you need to organize words and ideas in a way that your reader can easily understand what you are trying to say. As a test taker enrolled in an OET preparation course program, it is essential to seek for different writing tips and strategies that can help boost writing and critical-thinking skills. For instance, using resumptive modifiers is a practical writing tip that can help you achieve clarity in writing.

What is a Resumptive Modifier?

A resumptive modifier uses a word or phrase from a sentence (usually near the end of the main clause) and then adds information to take the reader into new territory of thought. To create a resumptive modifier, repeat a word or phrase from the main clause and then use this word as the basis for the final phrase or clause.

Resumptive modifiers can take the form of a noun, a verb or an adjective from the main clause of the sentence. Since these modifiers are repetitive, they tend to add a sense of rhythm to a sentence. To boost your OET review, the following are some examples of sentences with resumptive modifiers:

A Noun as a Resumptive Modifier

She finally faced her biggest fear, a fear that had plagued her since she joined the army.

The orchestra gave a beautiful performance, a performance to commemorate their late conductor, James Crotchet.

The restaurant serves the best burgers in the town, burgers that burst with flavor.

The nouns “fear,” “performance,” and “burgers” are used as the resumptive modifiers in the sample sentences. Keep in mind that resumptive modifiers add information to the nouns used in the main clause of the sentence.

A Verb as a Resumptive Modifier

Stewie saw Meg dancing in the street, dancing weirdly and oddly.

An upstart with absolutely no political experience threatens the incumbent provincial governor, threatens to resurrect political discards and to recover their lost glory.

The verb “dancing” and “threatens” are used as the resumptive modifiers in the sample sentences. In these sentences, the resumptive modifiers help describe and explain the verbs used in the main clause.

An Adjective as a Resumptive Modifier

“The threat to the incumbent provincial mayor by the inexperienced political upstart is real and serious, real because of the continuing corrosion of the economic life of the province, and serious because the upstart is immeasurably popular among the impoverished provincial folk.”

In this sentence, the adjectives used as resumptive modifiers are “real” and “serious.” Notice how the resumptive modifiers explain the adjectives used in the main clause of the sentence.

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