Optimizing Your Long-Term Memory for OET Review

As an OET exam preparation online student, it’s crucial that you keep your short- and long-term memory sharp throughout your review. This article focuses on the latter memory type. Read on to find out more about its many kinds and how to optimize them to increase your chances of OET success.

Two Kinds of Long-term Memory

Long-term memory, as its name implies, is the type of memory that’s responsible for retaining information for long periods of time. To optimize it for your OET online course, you must understand how its different kinds work.

1. Explicit Memory

Also known as “declarative memory,” explicit memory demands conscious thought.

Meaning: you must make a deliberate effort to recall something. Explicit memory is associative. It pushes the mind to connect similar or related events together to remember them better, regardless of the length of time between their respective occurrences.

A good example is your experience with a Christmas. If it’s something you and your family celebrate, your mind will automatically conjure memories and scenarios you associate with the Yuletide affair. It can be anything from what you got for Christmas when you were four years old to the biblical importance of the event.

2. Implicit Memory

Also known as “nondeclarative memory,” implicit memory does not demand conscious thought. It is usually accomplished with repetition. As they stem from muscle memory, information and acts drawn from implicit memory are often difficult to explain.

A good example is the bibliophiles’ good grasp of the English grammar rules. They can tell if a sentence is grammatically problematic. However, no all of them can provide an in-depth explanation of what’s wrong with it. Some would simply state that there’s something off about the passage.

Now, that you know its two kinds, let’s discuss how you can enhance them.

How to Sharpen Your Long-Term Memory

Achieving English proficiency requires your explicit and implicit memory. So, it’s critical that you hone both. Here are three simple but effective ways to sharpen your long-term memory.

•  Recall everything you accomplished throughout your day before going to bed.

The things you think about just before you sleep are the ones most likely to be consolidated into your long-term memory. Take advantage of this cognitive process. Make a habit of remembering your OET training before sleeping.

•  Reduce stress.

Whenever you are stressed, your brain generates cortisol, a hormone that weakens your ability to retain information. So, avoid engaging in OET training while you’re stressed. Make sure you’re in the right mindset for intensive review before attending your OET training sessions.

•  Take care of yourself.

Keep yourself hydrated, eat nutritious meals, and get enough sleep every day. Live a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your body in top condition is one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp. So, don’t skip sleep and meals to make time for your OET preparations.

Keep your long-term memory sharp to maximize your OET exam preparation online. Not yet enrolled in a training program? Click here to find the best online courses in the Philippines.

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