Overcome Your Fear of Pressure With These 3 Major Tips

During stressful times at your OET review online class, have you experienced too much pressure? If so, then it is time for you to re-evaluate your abilities. Whenever you are under the spotlight, you tend to experience misunderstanding leading to more stressful situations. 


Performing well under pressure can give you the confidence to talk. However, it is not easy to remove fear when being pressured. It takes time, practice, and self-belief. To help you to communicate better and express yourself well in front of others, here are some tips you could check out. 

Speak Wisely            

When speaking in front of people, choose specific information to share. Your listeners are not mind readers, so you need to tell them what you’re thinking. Do not say things that are not related to the topic. Speak slowly so that the listeners will understand, and it will give you time to think of your talking point. Do not try to tell everything all at once to have it finish quickly and avoid the situation. Deliver your speech slowly and accurately. The key to excellent performance is in your pacing.


Listen Attentively

There are times when your instructors in your OET exam preparation program will ask you additional questions for you to expound your answers. For future reference, listen carefully and accept constructive criticisms to perform next time better. Do not defend yourself because this will lead to more arguments, and it will keep you in the hotspot longer. It is always better to change for the better. Remember, your instructors are there to help you and not to make your life difficult.


Respond Precisely 

After listening attentively to what is asked, now you must respond accurately. If you are asked to clarify some facts, then do so; if you are asked to expound on your research, then tell them. However, be careful not to mislead your audience to another point and remember to relate your answers to your talk. When you are out of topic, slowly reel it back in and slowly answer the questions again.


These tips are here to help you overcome your fear of being under pressure and to help you perform better in your OET exam preparation. Also, remember that you are the one who holds the key to your success. Practice your speech, proofread your talk, and feel confident when you talk, and you will surely execute it better. 


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