Smart Strategies to Boost Your OET Review

The Occupational English Test is an English language skills assessment for healthcare professionals who want to register and practice in an English-speaking environment. If you are planning to pursue your nursing career abroad, then it is essential that you implement effective strategies to boost your test preparation.

Understanding the OET Exam

The OET exam is a proof of English proficiency for nurses, midwives, and other healthcare professionals. The test includes a range of questions that are based on situations in the medical field. Overseas-trained nurses need to achieve a Grade B across all four OET subtests—Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking—to gain registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The exam is currently available in over 40 countries, providing healthcare professionals an opportunity to practice and improve their profession abroad.

OET Review Tips

Make learning more fun and improve your ability to communicate effectively and confidently with these smart strategies.

1. Understand the exam format and requirements

OET is recognized by regulatory healthcare organizations in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. It is a language skills assessment for healthcare professionals from 12 different fields of study, such as Dentistry, Optometry, Speech Pathology, and Veterinary Science, among others.

  •  The test is divided into four components: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.
  • The exam is not a pass or fail type. The minimum acceptable level is set by healthcare boards, councils, and immigration agencies.
  • Each profession has its own rules. Furthermore, the acceptable minimum score level depends on which region you plan to work in.

2. Be determined to learn

The ultimate key to boosting your OET exam preparation is by having the drive to learn and achieve your desired score. Set a learning goal every day. Determine your purpose on taking the exam and make it your inspiration to succeed.

3. Secure OET review resources

Aside from training classes, it is also imperative that you become resourceful in finding other review resources. There are available OET blogs that you can read to familiarize with the demands of the exam and get test tips.

  • Rewrite and reorganize your notes.
  • Visit OET blogs.
  • Ask for advice from previous test-takers.

4. Schedule your review sessions

Set up and strictly follow a personalized review schedule. Reviewing information frequently helps improve your memory and strengthen your weak points. Make sure that you schedule a convenient study time. This will help you focus better on each lesson.

5. Create a positive learning environment 

Look for a learning-conducive area, free from online and physical distraction. Creating a positive learning environment helps enhance retention and facilitate quality learning acquisition.

6. Take it slowly

Manage your time effectively. Do not rush on improving your skills. Spend a good time in practicing and understanding each exam component to ensure comprehension and avoid wasting time..

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