Dos and Don’ts in the OET Listening Sub-Test Part A

The OET listening sub-test has three parts: Part A – Consultation Extracts; Part B – Short Workplace Extracts; and Part C – Presentation. This article focuses on the first one. Part A tests your ability to determine specific information during a medical consultation. It involves listening to two audio recordings between a healthcare professional and [...]

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OET Now Accepted in Ireland: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to establish your nursing career in Ireland? Not keen on taking the IELTS exam to provide proof of your English communication skills? Consider taking the Occupational English Test (OET)! Things to know before taking OET Classes The OET exam is an international English assessment test exam that caters to the medical industry. [...]

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OET Review Tips: How to Ace the Speaking Sub-Test

Many Occupational English Test examinees believe that the speaking sub-test is the most challenging part of the high-stakes exam—and they have a point. It doesn’t just assess your speaking skills. The OET speaking test measures your ability to internalize information and use it appropriately in the given workplace situation. Boost your chances of OET success. [...]

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