The OET Taker’s Guide to Beating Study Slumps

It’s normal to experience study slumps when you’re preparing for OET. The stakes are high, and you’re hard-pressed to maximize your limited preparation period. You’re bound to push yourself beyond your limits at some point—be it to extend a study session or to attend an intensive training session at the JRooz OET review in Manila despite being tired or sleep-deprived. And, once you do, the chances of you burning out is high.

Don’t let this derail your OET review. Here are four ways to combat study slumps.

• Schedule your breaks.

You are not a machine. You can’t push yourself to do something cognitively exhausting for hours and expect to deliver a consistent performance throughout. You’ll start to lose concentration at some point. Your ability to comprehend, process, and retain information will follow soon after. So, schedule your study breaks. Give yourself time to clear your head and unwind.

• Remind yourself of your motivations.

Why are you taking the OET exam? If it’s to satisfy an employment requirement of your dream job, decorate your study space with pictures of your target health facility and the things you’ll enjoy once you start working there. Are you taking the test to work abroad and support your family? Surround yourself with pictures of your family and friends. Remind yourself of your motivations.

• Take care of your body.

The state of your body affects the state of your mind. So, take care of yourself.

Don’t skip meals.

Eat nutritious food.

Get at least eight hours of sleep every day.

Take naps during the day if you failed to get eight hours of sleep.

Curb your bad habits (e.g., smoking, drinking, etc.).

Integrate exercise into your daily routine.

Practice good personal hygiene.

Also, avoid studying while you’re hungry or sleep-deprived. If it can’t be helped (e.g., you have a training session at the OET Manila review center after a grueling work shift), make sure to review your notes and materials afterward when you’re well-rested.

• Do something.

Most students suspend their exam review when they hit a study slump, waiting for their motivation to return. Don’t make the same mistake. Keep doing something to further your OET review. It doesn’t have to be something significant to your test preparations. You can rewrite your notes, organize your materials, or declutter your study space. Doing so will help you maintain your training momentum and get back in the right mindset for OET training.

Minimize the risk of experiencing study slumps. Follow these tips during your test preparations to keep your mind in top condition. Enroll in the JRooz OET review in Manila to learn more ways to enhance your training experience.

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