Time Management Tips for OET Writing Sub-test

As one of the sections of the Occupational English Test, the Writing Sub-test takes about 45 minutes to complete and is profession-specific. This OET component consists of one writing task based on a typical medical workplace situation. This writing section measures your ability on how well you can organize and construct a written response about a specific healthcare scenario.

As a test taker enrolled in an OET review Baguio, it is vital to look for various test-taking strategies that can help boost your exam preparation and ace the writing test. To help you achieve this, below are practical time management tips that you can use during the exam.

OET Writing Sub-test

Maximizing your time is absolutely an essential factor in acing the writing test. If you’re a test taker attending review classes in OET Baguio, read and follow these four time management tips for the writing test:

1. Determine the writing task

Your task is to write a letter, usually a referral letter. Sometimes, different types of letters are also required, including a letter of transfer or discharge, or a letter to advice or inform a patient. You will also receive a stimulus material (case notes and/or other related healthcare documentation) that consists of the critical points that you need to use when writing your response.

2. Use a note-taking strategy

Spend at least 5 minutes to write down all the critical points and supporting details about the stimulus material. Use a note-taking strategy to organize your notes appropriately. During your review classes in OET Baguio, look for a note-taking technique that you can apply during the writing test. To guide you more, here is a list of some note-taking methods:

• Charting Method

• Sentence Method

• Cornell Method

• Box and Bullet Method

• K-W-L Chart

Do you want to know more details about these note-taking techniques? Visit our blog archives!

3. Make a draft

Spend at least 5 minutes to organize all the critical points that you need to include in your letter. Construct them into concise paragraphs with a clear structure: an introduction, supporting details and a conclusion. If you’re a test taker enrolled in OET review Baguio, use personal shorthand to organize your notes quickly.

4. Check your response

After you have written your letter, look for possible errors (grammar, sentence, structure, and spelling.) Revise it if you find some unclear critical points or supporting details.

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