Top 10 OET Davao Test-taking Tips for the Writing Sub-test

As one of the sub-tests of the Occupational English Test (OET), the writing section is scored against six scoring categories such as:



conciseness and clarity,

genre and style,

organization and layout, and


The writing sub-test lasts around 45 minutes and is profession-specific. There is one task set for each profession based on an everyday workplace situation and the demands of the profession. To guide you more, below is the writing sub-test structure:

The task is to write a letter, usually a referral letter.

Along with the task instructions, you will receive stimulus material (case notes) which contains information to use in your response.

Do you want to ace this writing test? Check out these practical test-taking tips that you can apply during the exam.

Top 10 OET Davao Test-taking Tips for the Writing Sub-test

In order to successfully accomplish this part of the Occupational English Test, below are the top ten test-taking tips that can help you.

1. Read the task instruction. The task instruction consists of the critical points you need to execute in the writing test. It also contains the receiver of the letter, the address of the receiver, and the type of letter.=

2. You will be given five minutes to read the case notes and to plan your responses. Use this time to look for critical points in the case notes as well as to organize your ideas that you want to indicate in your letter.

3. Use a note-taking technique to organize your ideas properly. The listing method of note-taking is ideal for organizing ideas and concepts in a specific letter.

4. Make sure that your letter has a clear structure. The first paragraph must present the central idea of your letter. The second and third paragraphs support the central idea of the letter. The last paragraph concludes the overall idea of your letter.

5. Manage your time. You will have 40 minutes to construct a clear and concise letter. Don’t waste your time reading the whole case notes. Just look for the critical points that you need to indicate in your letter.

6. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are the important aspects included under the language scoring category. Any spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuations, and wrong grammar can affect your overall writing score.

7. You are allowed to use abbreviations or headings in your letter. You should also use the title and address details specified in the task instruction.

8. Keep your letter clear and concise. Don’t include words and phrases that are not related to the case notes.

9. Once you’re done, read your letter aloud. This will help you spot any mistakes that you need to correct before you submit your letter.

10. If you still have time, reread your letter before you proceed to the next part of the exam.

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