Top 10 Test-taking Tips for the OET Listening Sub-test

The Listening Sub-test is one of the components of the Occupational English Test. It consists of three parts, and a total of 42 question items. The total length of the listening test is 40 minutes, including the audio recordings and pauses to allow you time to write your responses. Keep in mind that you will hear each recording once.

Do you want to ace the OET Listening Sub-test? Aside from enrolling in an OET review in Baguio, for example, if you’re in that location, it is also important to utilize different test-taking strategies to boost your exam preparation. For instance, check out these practical exam tips on how to ace the listening test.

Top 10 Test-taking Tips for the OET Listening Sub-test

Most students enrolled in an OET review center in Baguio find the listening test as one of the trickiest components of the Occupational English Test. To overcome this, below are the top ten test-taking tips that you can utilize during the exam.

1. Read the instructions. The OET Listening Sub-tests consists of the following reminders:

Do not open the question paper until you are told to do so.

A range of accents is used in each audio recording.

You will be given two minutes to review your responses.

2. Identify the three listening parts. The listening test consists of the following parts:

• Part A: Consultation Extracts

You will listen to two recorded healthcare professional–patient consultations. Your task is to complete the healthcare professional’s notes using the information from the recordings.

• Part B: Short Workplace Extracts

You will listen to six recorded extracts (team briefings, handovers, etc.) and answer one multiple-choice question for each extract.

• Part C: Presentation Extracts

You will listen to two different medical-related extracts. Your task is to answer multiple-choice questions for each presentation extracts.

3. The OET Listening Sub-test has two question types. Note-completion task involves filling out the gaps of an incomplete healthcare professional’s notes. Multiple-choice questions require you to select the best answer from three possible options.

4. Listen carefully. Don’t skip any parts of the recording as it might cost you to lose essential points about the extract.

5. As you listen to the audio recording, list down all the main ideas and supporting details about the extract. Use a note-taking strategy to organize your notes properly. During your OET review Baguio sessions, find the best note-taking technique that you can apply during the exam.

6. Use your notes as your guide when answering each question. Once you have responded to the first question, you can easily locate the answers for the remaining questions.

7. Manage your time. Spend at least one minute answering each question. If you can’t figure out the answer to a specific question, skip it and come back to it later.

8. For note-completion task, place the word or phrase the perfectly fits the gap. Make sure to check the spelling of the word before you write it down in each gap.

9. For multiple-choice questions, use the process of elimination to remove options that are obviously not related to the audio recording.

10. If you still have time, review your answers before you proceed to the next part of the Occupational English Test.

One final reminder: During your OET review Baguio session, utilize these top ten tips when answering practice tests. You can also share these test-taking tips in your group study sessions.

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