WARNING: These Mistakes Can Sabotage Your OET Grade

Taking the OET exam soon? If you want to get your OET grade goals on your first attempt, don’t cut corners during your preparation period. Enroll in the best OET review center in Baguio. Learn from language experts, answer mock tests, and get to know the exam inside out. But, don’t stop there.

Don’t just learn how to increase your scores. Find out how to keep them from decreasing as well. Many OET test takers never bothered to learn what could reduce their results. Don’t commit the same mistake. Make sure you don’t make any of the following mistakes.

1. Not knowing the exam format

Having little or no idea as to how the test works can affect your performance. For instance, you’ll need time to adjust to the OET’s demands and pressures. Test takers who didn’t prepare with a training program, like the one offered at the OET Baguio review center, are usually the ones who are guilty of this.

2. Speaking too fast or too slow

Brisk talking is not a mark of linguistic fluency. Neither is slow speaking. You don’t talk fast or slow when you communicate with your patients, right? So, talk in your normal pace during the OET speaking sub-test.

3. Making a lot of grammatical errors

Though the chances of you committing zero grammar mistakes during the exam are slim, you shouldn’t be careless with how you structure your answers. Here’s why.

About 25 percent of your scores in the speaking and writing sub-tests depend on correct grammar and structure application. This means that if you won’t be able to obtain an adequate grade in the “grammatical range and accuracy” criteria if at least half of your sentences have grammatical inconsistencies. So, strive to be grammar-savvy during your review period.

4. Spending too much time on an item

If you think you’ve spent too much time on a question, just guess the answer and move on. Use your time wisely. Remember, your time in each sub-test is limited. Go back and reconsider your answer. If you still have a couple of minutes left when you reach the end.

5. Depending a lot on first language translations

Many OET takers translate statements directly from their native language to English—especially when they’re having a hard time conveying their message directly in English. Literal translations, however, don’t always come out right. So, be careful if you’re fond of using this approach. Make sure your responses are consistent and error-free.

Don’t sabotage your chances of OET success with mistakes that you could’ve easily avoided. Consider these errors during your preparation period. Train yourself to spot them immediately.

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