Your Guide to the 5 Scoring Criteria of the OET Speaking Sub-test

As one of the four components of the Occupation English Test, the Speaking sub-test consists of two parts and takes about 20 minutes. During the 20-minute speaking section, an interlocutor conducts an interview and acts in two role-playing scenarios with the test taker. In each role-play, you receive information on a card and you have 2–3 minutes to prepare. Moreover, the two role-plays on the speaking sub-test take about five minutes each.

For nurses and other medical practitioners attending in an OET training center, the speaking section is the most challenging part of the exam as it is consisted of the following five scoring criteria:

  1. Overall Communicative Effectiveness

The first scoring criterion evaluates how well exam takers can maintain an evocative interaction with the patient throughout the role play. It means that you can:

  • …initiate and sustain a meaningful conversation.
  • …communicate confidently.
  • …use the right medical terms and information from the role-playing card.
  • …execute the task in approximately 5 minutes.
  1. Intelligibility

Exam takers who are enrolled in an OET course preparation program must be skilled in expressing their ideas properly as this second scoring criterion measures the ability to be heard and understood by the patient. It also assesses the following:

  • accent
  • intonation
  • pitch
  • pronunciation
  • rhythm
  • stress
  1. Fluency

The ability to speak continuously and smoothly is an essential factor that exam takers attending in an OET training center must have and is measured by the third scoring criterion. It also checks for:

  • a natural speed
  • few “ums” and “ahs”
  • proper pauses
  • avoids re-starting sentences
  1. Appropriateness

In the fourth scoring criterion, you must be able to use the proper language and tone that fits the context of your situation. It also measures your ability to:

  • …show awareness of the patient’s sensitivities
  • …deal with complicated cases and situations.
  • …display the appropriate response to what the patient says.
  1. Resources for Grammar and Expression

The last scoring criterion weighs exam taker’s level of syntax and terminology. It also includes:

  • correct sentence structures
  • flexibility of vocabulary and grammar
  • accuracy and complexity of language

Now that you know the five scoring criteria of the speaking section utilize these to boost your OET preparation course program.

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