Your OET Checklist for Document and Profile Photo Submissions

Aside from getting ready for the high-stakes exam with an OET preparation course, you must also spend your training period accomplishing the test requirements. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take the test.

Among the things that you need to submit to be able to take the exam are identification documents and a digital photo. And no, you can’t just submit any old ID or selfie photo you have at hand. The documents and image that you submit must comply with OET’s guidelines. So, set aside time during your OET preparation course to accomplish your requirements.

Consider the checklist below to make sure everything you submit satisfies OET’s guidelines.

Identification Documents

OET requires test takers to submit identification documents to validate their identities and prevent any form of cheating or malpractice that can compromise the exam’s integrity.

Your identification documents must:

✓ …be original;
✓ …include your photo; and
✓ …be valid on your test date.

If you are taking the exam in Australia, OET will only accept your original passport as proof of your identity. If you are taking the exam outside Australia, on the other hand, you can submit your original passport or your original National Identity Card for the country where you are taking the exam in.

Profile Photo Submissions

Although the identification documents that you need to submit already includes your picture, OET will still require you to upload a digital photo for your OET profile. Take note: if your image does not meet the specifications below, OET will take down your photo and can keep you from taking the test.

The photo must be:

✓ …passport sized;
✓ …between 200 kb and 2 MB in size;
✓ … in .png or .jpg format;
✓ …less than three months old;
✓ …be colored;
✓ …be in sharp focus;
✓ …backgrounded in white;
✓ …free of shadows; and
✓ …a headshot showing you looking directly at the camera with your eyes clear (no bloodshot or red-eyes), without anything covering your head nose, mouth, eyes, and forehead (exceptions: head coverings for religious and medical reasons); and with your mouth closed and with a neutral expression (i.e., no smiling, raised eyebrows, etc.).

Submitting documents that don’t meet OET’s guidelines can set back your test date posing problems especially if you need to get your OET results as soon as possible. Use this checklist to ensure everything you submit complies with the requirements. Accomplish everything during your OET exam preparation period.

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